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Lumpsome gives relief for delinquent debt and bills, repaid through a membership fee instead of interest and late fees


For those who need
bills & debt relief

  • Register online/in the app; complete a financial profile
  • Indicate which bill(s) or debt(s) are delinquent, such as rent, electricity, credit cards, and student loans

Lumpsome pays the account for you, and you repay us with membership

Membership fee is $5/monthly until the account is fully repaid


  • No minimum monthly payment
  • Faster pay off due to no burden of interest or late fees

Win-win for the consumer and the creditor/debtor account

The original debtor/creditor accounts get paid immediately by Lumpsome, and the individual has more time but less barriers to repay the account.


Mission & Theory of Change

Lumpsome's ultimate goal is to help the 90M hardworking people in America to break free from the hardship of delinquent bills or debts.

Which will ultimate invigorate the larger economy while empowering individuals to improve their financial futures.

key features
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